Otology-Neurotology DataBase

The Otology-Neurotology Database ONDB© is a new integrated user-friendly database, based on 4th Dimension that was developed for browsing of patients clinical, surgical and audiological information according to the
AAO-HNS guidelines.

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ONDB for Mac

Minimum Configuration:  

macOS Monterey (12) – macOS Ventura (13) – macOS Sonoma (14)
(Latest release of major version is required, such as 14.1.1)
4GB RAM minimum (8GB or more recommended)

Download ONDB 4.4

macOS Mojave (10.14) – macOS Big Sur (11)
(Latest release of major version is required, such as 10.14.6)
4GB RAM minimum (8GB or more recommended)

Download ONDB 4.3

ONDB for Windows

Minimum Configuration:

Windows 10 - Windows 11
Windows Server 2016
- Windows Server 2022
(Latest release of major version is required such as Windows 11 23H2)
4GB RAM minimum 

(8GB or more recommended)

Download ONDB

Multicreterion selection

ONDB allows users to assess results according to every conceivable criterion and in every conceivable combination.

Data importation

ONDB allows data’s importation from any type of existing database program. However this will need special study from our team

Multicentric studies

ONDB can be used for a multicentric study as it has the technical tools to merge large data collections from different surgeons and institutions ensuring patient confidentiality.

Data Retrieval

The software provides easy and reliable data retrieval when using the powerful search tools. Scientific publications: ONDB provides the tools that enable users to produce complete and accurate scientific publications of their personal series.

ONDB Statistics

Statistical analysis tool

Numerous categories of data are already pre-included in ONDB such as patients age and gender; type of middle ear pathology; clinical examination; surgical presentations; type of ossicular reconstruction and position of the reconstruction according to the status of the ossicular chain, audiometric records etc. It contains sufficient data to allow sophisticated statistical analysis.

Modifications of the initial program can easily be made by users according to the additional types of data that may be desired in order to develop this software for other sub-specialities (rhinology, laryngology) or specialities. This is demonstrated in the video user guide.

ONDB Results

Designed either for prospective or retrospective study

ONDB is the tool you need for quality results assesment in medical and surgical practice. Promoting high quality results in public health service remains a very important goal for all health care practitioners. 

ONDB has been designed for retrospective or long-term prospective evaluation of results in medically and/or surgically treated diseases identifying factors that could potentially affect the success rate.


Try ONDB free

ONDB is offering a free 1-month trial. After three months using ONDB, you can buy official licence or delete the software.

Download and try ONDB, no registration needed.


For only 99 €, get the official single user licence now. It’s always up to date. With an ONDB subscription, you get the latest version and updates when they happen.

For network version please contact our team with the contact form bellow this page.

Help the development

You can contribute to develop and expand the power of ONDB while using it. Our team will receive your proposal and get back to you.
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Download the user's guide

Single-user version, after downloading the latest version of ONDB, run the installer for Mac or PC and download the user's guide by cliking bellow.


Contact Us

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Video user guide and tutorials

View available video tutorials and comprehensive user guides providing step-by-step instructions on how to use ONDB including personal research.

ONDB Welcome message by Robert Vincent MD PhD

Tutorial N°1 - Results - Otosclerosis Primary Surgery.

Tutorial N°2 - Results - Otosclerosis Revision Surgery

Tutorial N°3 - Results - Tympanoplasty Overview

Tutorial N°4 - Results - Tympanoplasty - Myringoplasty

Tutorial n°5 - Results - Tympanoplasty - Ossiculoplasty

Tutorial n°6 - Results - Oval Window Tympanosclerosis

Tutorial n°7 - Tympanoplasty - Specific Techniques

Tutorial n°8 - Exporting Data

Tutorial n°9 - Entering New Patient's Data

Tutorial n°10 - Patient Follow Up

Tutorial n°11 - Audiometry: How to Change Frequencies

Tutorial n°12 - How to Customize the Database

International Scientific Committee

Many practicioners have worked together to finalize ONDB which is adaptable to every medical and surgery specialities.

Please find below the members of the Otology-Neurotology Database International Scientific Committee. We would like to thank them for their participation and their availability.

fr Denis Alcaraz
Scientific Supervisor
fr Dr Robert Vincent
International Scientific Committee
br Prof. Oswaldo Cruz, Prof. Sady Da Costa
fr Dr Arnaud Devèze, Prof Christian Dubreuil, Dr Thibaut Dumon,
Dr Benoit Gratacap, Dr Romain Kania, Prof. Jean-Pierre Lavieille,
Prof. Jacques Magnan, Prof. Patrice Tran Ba Huy
sth Dr Peter Friedland, Dr Duane Mol
croa Prof. Mislav Gjuric
ndl Dr Wilko Grolman
usa Dr Mohamed Hamid, Prof Robert Jackler, Prof. Neil Sperling
ger Prof. Karl Bernd Hüttenbrink, Dr Jan Christopher Luers
uk Dr Chris Aldren, Dr Leon Lindsay, Dr David Luff, Dr John Oates,
Dr Jonathan Osborne, Dr Chris Raine
tk Prof. Nuri Ozgirgin
is Prof. Jacob Sade
ind Dr Ashesh Bhumkar , Dr Anand Shah
dn Dr Mads Solvsten Sorenson
sw Dr Karin Strömbäck
it Dr Franco Trabalzini