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The Otology-Neurotology Database (ONDB)© is a new integrated user-friendlyl database, based on 4th Dimension that was developed for browsing of patients’ clinical, surgical and audiological information according to the AAO guidelines (AAO-HNS).

Adaptive software: ONDB is part of the Medical and Surgical Adaptable Database© (MSADB). It is a comprehensive and software, which can easily be adapted to numerous medical and surgical specialities.


Multicriterion studies: ONDB allows users to assess results according to every conceivable criterion and in every conceivable combination.
Data importation: ONDB offers the possibility of importing data from any type of existing database program.

Data retrieval: The software provides easy and reliable data retrieval when using the powerful search tools.
. Scientific publications: ONDB provides the tools that enable users to produce complete and accurate scientific publications of their personal series.
. Multicentric studies: ONDB can be used for a multicentric study as it has the technical tools to merge large data collections from different surgeons and institutions ensuring patient confidentiality. This requires the creation of a register database into which the relevant patient data from each institution is transferred, having been made anonymous via a client-server network (A client-server network can be rent in this Web Site).


. Medical and Surgical Adaptable DataBase (MSADB):
ONDB has been developed at the Jean Causse Ear Clinic (Colombiers/Béziers – France) using AAO guidelines to assess long term results in patients operated on for otological and neurotological pathologies. It is part of the Medical and Surgical Adaptable DataBase (MSADB)© program that is suitable for numerous medical and surgical specialities.

Numerous categories of data are included in ONDB such as patients age and sex; type of middle ear pathology; clinical examination; surgical presentations; type of ossicular reconstruction and position of the reconstruction according to the status of the ossicular chain, audiometric records etc. It contains sufficient data to allow sophisticated statistical analysis. Modifications of the initial program can easily be made by users according to the additional types of data that may be desired.


A prospective analysis of quality results in medical and surgical practice
Promoting high quality results in public health service remains a very important goal for all health care practitioners. ONDB has been designed for long term prospective evaluation of results in medically and/or surgically treated diseases identifying factors that could potentially affect the success rate.

ONDB and MSDB have been developed by AS-Multimedia under the supervision of Dr Robert VINCENT* (Otologist Surgeon at the Jean Causse Ear Clinic in Béziers – France). This software offers an innovative and fully integrated solution for long term assessment of results in medical and surgical practice.

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* R Vincent, N Sperling, J Oates, M Jindal. Surgical Findings and Long-Term Hearing Results in 3050 Stapedotomies for Primary Otosclerosis: A Prospective Study with the Otology-Neurotology Database. Otol Neurotol 2006 27 (Suppl): S25-S47

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